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For its seventh exhibition, MASSIMO is pleased to announce "Noble Experiment," a solo show by Giuliana Rosso, from June 30th to July 21st. The exposition - headed by a critical essay curated by Caterina Avataneo - turns MASSIMO into a haunted dungeon filled with the characters that infest the artist's works, characterized by acid-tinged imagery and dreamy, restless teenage atmospheres.

Giuliana Rosso's research moves between painting and drawing, with sculptural and installation contaminations. With "Noble Experiment," the artist includes, within her artworks, marginal architectural elements, such as niches, tubes, and corners, making them central to the transforming process of the exposition into a site-specific installation. 

Facing the viewer is Daylight is nobody's friend (2022), a painted figure on papier-mâché, dangling off one of the tubes crossing MASSIMO's space. Its hallucinated gaze is the first glimpse into a room that - for the occasion - becomes a grotto, a lair, a basement, a "place of terror and wonder." 

Torna a casa Adesso (2022) is the second largescale work that stands out against the blank space's front wall. Using chalk and charcoal on paper, the artist immortalized the precise instance of a girl being grabbed and dragged away - after a fall on skates - by mysterious hands. The picture trespasses into a painting wall intervention that simulates, as in a trompe-l'œil, a side wall gap that leads us, with the girl, inside a virtual elsewhere that parallels the physical space: the imaginary dimension the characters belong to. Comet Bonsai (2022) and Sidereal Rabbit (2022), medium-sized works that occupy the central tube and a side niche, conclude the exhibition.

The exhibition is headed by an essay by Caterina Avataneo who, through the words of the "girl with the rollerblades," evokes memories of adolescence, fictional perhaps, combining elements of the exhibition into a narrative that, by reiterating its suggestions and amplifying its imagery, becomes as an artwork.

Giuliana Rosso

Lives and works in Turin. Her research moves between painting and drawing, with three-dimensional contaminations that she places in close relationship with real space. Her work investigates a human condition of constant restlessness, steeped in opposing feelings where childhood and adolescence become a metaphor. Through her work she aims to highlight the world of less visible feelings and states of mind. A selection of his past exhibitions includes : Expressions.The proposition,Castello di Rivoli Museo D'Arte Contemporanea,Torino IT ( 2020); He Heard With His Dead Ear Almanac Inn, Torino IT, (2019); Only now, lost, they become true to me, VEDA, Florence, IT (2019); Capriccio 2000, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, IT (2019); Expdanded Painting, Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, IT (2019).