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‘It’s the tip of the iceberg’ is the title of the ninth exhibition presented by MASSIMO in Via Degli Scipioni 7, Milan, from May 19 to June 11, 2023.

The group show combines research by Andrea Bocca, Carlos Casuso, Davide Hjort, Malin Norberg, Alexander Iezzi, Peilian Li, Angelo Licciardello + Miami Safari, Lea Porrè, Sara Ravelli and Maria Giovanna Zanella. Twelve national and international artists were invited to interact with the same display: a plinth conceived in collaboration with designer Federico Fontanella X Crates, a logistics brand based in Milan.

The project comprises ten artworks, including recent pieces and new commissions, investigating the multifaceted perspective behind the exhibition’s theme through different artistic languages. “It’s the tip of the iceberg” highlights the part of a problem or situation that is more evident or, on the contrary, concealed depending on how it is interpreted and depicted.

The exhibition uses ‘standardized’ measurements to bring different practices together.
130x25x25 cm are the plinth sizes provided to the artists: ten concrete and wood supports designed to establish a shared point of view. In a mixture of challenge and collaboration, the artists are invited to deal with the material’s severity and the form’s verticality. MASSIMO’s space is now filled with a myriad of thoughts, energies and interactions: some artists embrace the plinth into their work, others absorb it, some challenge it, while others tower above it.

Two years after the group show “Do you think this is the best way to start?”, the debut exhibition of the project space, MASSIMO continues to examine the dynamics of cohabitation in a common and vibrant space, the aspects that arise from the discussion, the light and shadow zones that cohabit our.

Andrea Bocca

Carlos Casuso

Davide Hjort

Malin Norberg

Alexander Iezzi

Peilian Li

Angelo Licciardello + Miami Safari

Lea Porrè

Sara Ravelli

Maria Giovanna Zanella