Curated by Paolo Gabriotti
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Curated by Paolo Gabriotti

Concluding its first exhibition season, MASSIMO is glad to introduce eve, Paolo Bufalini’s solo exhibition that will be presented at the Milanese space on December 3rd at via Degli Scipioni 7.

The exposition - headed by a critical essay curated by Paolo Gabriotti - drives the audience to an estranging imaginary: a heterogeneous combination of dream-like, prophetic and ordinary elements coexist while creating an indefinite, atemporal setting.

As part of the artist’s research project, the exhibition takes shape as a site specific installation with the purpose of exploring “the magic and spectral side within the ordinary”. Paolo Bufalini operates on MASSIMO space by altering and contaminating the ambience: warm lighting with orange tinges fill up the whole room. This evokes a suspended atmosphere that will stick to MASSIMO’s audience along their visit, while guiding their path in the midst of strips of paper consisting of ripped-off archival records.

The whole layout recalls simultaneously an event that already existed and something yet to happen. 

In this way, eve is home to various meanings, all gathered in a combination of elements that welcome and protect them.

Paolo Bufalini

Paolo Bufalini works and lives in Bologna in Bologna. His work is mainly based on sculture and installation, an artistic practice that has been evolving through the years reaching the fields of both curatorship, live and textual arts with a collaborative method. Between 2016 and 2019 he has been co-directing TRIPLA project-space together with Filippo Cecconi . For three years, three former commercial windows have been home to exhibitions of Italian and international guest artists - few of them for the first time in Italy with their works. His works was presented in both solo and collective exhibitions, live performances and residencies. Back in 2020, was selected for the public acquisition program of Emilia-Romagna and received the Combat Award for sculpture and the Ducato Prize Arte Accademie. His recent works include his participation to Nuovo Forno del Pane in 2020, the first edition of the residency program promoted by MAMbo, in addition to exhibitions in Bologna, Milano and Amsterdam and collaborations with other artists, ie. Nights collective. His work was recently presented at Future: arte e società dagli anni 60 a domani, a c. di L. Beatrice e W. Guadagnini, Gallerie d'Italia Vicenza.