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+39 334 2928559

MASSIMO is thrilled to announce +39 334 2928559, the first solo show by the multidisciplinary project Dafne, founded in 2019 by Filippo De Marchi, William Merante, and Giovanni Riggio. After the first musical project Loser With A Strategy, published in 2021, Dafne is now presenting the latest outcomes of the group’s research processes.

The exhibition revolves around the idea of a telephone call, alluding to a conversation between strangers.
In abstracting MASSIMO's space through the connection fee, an animated map of the keyboard was drawn housing the characters of a scene between the speaker and the microphone.

Telephone-thinking has opened some study windows on figures such as the triangle and the triangulation, the surfaces of the solids of rotation such as the cone and the cylinder, the hourglass and the points of convergence, the vortex, the shadow, the fusion, the projection, the number and the section.

In the i-n-t-e-r-m-i-t-t-e-n-c-e of a wait, in the continuous bounce between repeaters, antennas and satellites, Dafne presents a collection of projects / objects / ideas in which information bends, radiates, fragments and recomposes itself.


Dafne is a multidisciplinary artistic project founded in Milan in 2019 by Filippo De Marchi, William Merante and Giovanni Riggio. Dafne’s practice articulates in a multimedial way through visual arts, music, performance, writing, photography and video. The very first Dafne’s physical appearence happened during fall 2019 through a portrait session by the the photographic duo ICTM. The first musical project by Dafne - self released in 2021 - is a compilation of tracks composed together with Unusual Magic titled ‘Loser With A Strategy’. For each of the tracks of the EP the artist created textual and sculptural materials, as well as videos and perfomances aiming to expand as more as possible the themes and the subjects touched by this project. In the same year Dafne composed the soundtrack for ‘A house for a gentleman’ video by the artist Giulio Scalisi, in occasion of the the eponymous solo show at Lisbon’s Kunsthalle.